Gearing Up for a Trash-Tastic Adventure: Apollo Motorcycle Club Takes on the Richloam Cleanup Effort!

Introduction: August 12 marked a great day for the Apollo Motorcycle Club members and their partners from Dixie Dual Sport. Together, they embarked on a journey to the Richloam Wildlife Management area, participating in the 23rd Annual Richloam Cleanup Day. The event promised not only a day of environmental restoration but also the opportunity to reunite with familiar faces and forge new connections.

Dawn Arrival and Warm Reunions: The morning sun witnessed the arrival of about 180 participants at 6:45 am. A sense of excitement filled the air as individuals gathered to register and engage in conversations with both old acquaintances and new who had assembled for the shared cause. The camaraderie among the group set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Setting Out Amidst Anticipation: The day, predicted to be sweltering, began with the group embarking on their mission. A fleet of trucks and side-by-sides carried the dedicated volunteers towards their destination, ready to tackle the cleanup. Their first stop was a dirt road, marred by litter. The team armed themselves with trash bags, wasting no time in collecting the discarded waste. However, the joyous efforts were soon joined by an unexpected party – swarms of mosquitoes and black flies. Quick to adapt, bug repellent became an essential ally in their battle against these unwelcome participants.

Nature’s Beauty and Purposeful Progress: Journeying through the forest, the participants filled their bags with the litter that had tarnished its natural beauty. Their steady progress reflected their commitment to revitalizing the environment. With each bag filled, the truck’s bed gradually transformed into a repository of positive change. As the sun’s ascent brought escalating temperatures, the team remained vigilant about hydration, ensuring their well-being while contributing to the forest’s welfare.

Unity in Accomplishment: Upon loading the truck with their initial collection, the team transitioned to the unloading area. Here, a heartening sight awaited them – fellow volunteers from the Sumpter County DPW were present to lend a hand. Witnessing the collective efforts of like-minded individuals, all working towards the common goal of environmental restoration, reinforced the sense of unity and accomplishment.

A Rewarding Pause and Nourishment: After dedicating five hours to the cleanup, the group shifted gears and headed towards the designated lunch area. An enticing BBQ lunch awaited, filling appetites, and serving as a well-deserved reward for their dedication. The event continued to unfold with raffles and an engaging 50/50 drawing, adding an element of excitement to the day’s proceedings.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment: In closing, heartfelt gratitude was extended to the members of the Apollo Motorcycle Club and their partners from Dixie Dual Sport. Their unwavering commitment, shared purpose, and tireless efforts not only contributed to the success of the 23rd Annual Richloam Cleanup Day but also exemplified the power of collective action in making a positive impact on the environment and the community at large.

Special thanks were extended to members Bill Hills, Bill Peach, Rick Stubblefield, Larry Ignazio, and Dwight Bost for their exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions

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