1st Annual Canaveral Groves Outback Invitational

Off-road Poker Run

Hosted by Apollo Motorcycle Club

December 12, 2020

Each participant will receive a Rocky Mountain ATV $10.00 RaceGas credit

You are not required to buy a parking pass if you have alternate parking available, but if you want to park at the entrance to the event we are limited on space. These passes are $10.00 for each vehicle and includes space for a trailer, once we run out they will no longer be available. If we are out of parking spaces, you may still participate. Each vehicle participating in the poker run is required to buy a first hand at $50.00, additional hands for riders and passengers can be purchased for $25.00 each. For example: If you are riding a four-wheeler with a passenger and you each want two hands, you will need to buy one first hand and three additional hands. Passengers are not required to purchase a hand, they can ride for free and not participate in the contest.

Parking now only $1 and 20% off all hands Until December 11th!!

Parking - first 50 vehicles only $1.00

Poker Hands -
1st hand $40.00, each additional hand is $20.00

Select your hands

**We are requesting “shipping information” for AMA requirements.**